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Training Your Australian Labradoodle

When you pick up your puppy from West Haven, we will supply you with a two week schedule.

West Haven's Go Home Schedule consists of:

  1. Wake up time

  2. Meal times and feeding instructions

  3. Crate training instructions 

  4. Playtime instructions 

  5. Potty time instructions 

  6. Bedtime

We offer guidance and tips on how to train your puppy once you bring them home. We also provide lifetime support.

You will want to begin working with a trainer shortly after bringing your puppy home. This time will be used to fill in the gap between pick up and obedience classes that begin at 16-20 weeks of age. 

Our two recommended training programs include:

  1.  Baxter & Bella is an online training program that you get for life. They even give you live one-on-one calls with the trainers at no additional fee! This program offers so much, like live-classes, videos, podcasts and even a Facebook group that you can be a part of. Join others going through training, too. Plus they have a super easy to use app!!

  2. Off Leash K9 Training provides World Renowned Dog Obedience and Behavioral Modification Classes

    • Off Leash K9 Training is one of the highest rated, most well- known dog training businesses in the country and they currently have 140 locations in the United States.

    • Off Leash K9 Training specializes in basic obedience, advanced obedience, personal protection, and detection

    • If you want to learn more, visit:

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