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Summer 2023

Sire: Fairytale Lane Mickey Mouse

Dam: West Haven's Indian Summer

Born: May 25, 2023

Available Now!

Size: Large Miniature (25-30lb Mature)

Colors: Apricot
Expected Coat: Fleece

Semi-Trained Puppy Available

Puppy will come:

✔️ Current on vaccines 

✔️ Introduced and mastering potty training 

✔️ Sleeping through the night

✔️ Experience with basic commands and simple training

✔️ Comfortable with car rides

✔️ Microchipped

✔️ Ready for Love: Socialized with many everyday sounds and experiences

✔️ Experience with a leash

✔️ Gentle and great around kids


She is extremely intelligent, a quick learner and a natural leader. She very loyal and will make a great friend. She has a bold, outgoing personality and would do well in a family that would take her on lots of outings and adventures!

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