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Our Story

Based in Southwest Missouri, we are committed to providing loving homes for our breeding dogs, as well as the puppies that move to their forever homes.

High School Sweethearts, Daniel and Mariah fell in love early and have created a life together based on goals and dreams set at a young age. Daniel’s day job is a lineman for an electric company, but has a background in Agriculture/Business and Animal Science. Mariah is a nurse by trade, but spends most of her days being a mom and raising puppies. We fell in love with this breed because of how adaptable, calm, and loving they truly are. We believe that Australian Labradoodles are the best addition to a family of any age.

About the Breed

Australian Labradoodles were originally created in the 1980's with the intentions of creating a dog that would specialize in Therapy and Service work. The Labradoodle was bred by Wally Conran of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, Australia. They were also purposely bred to be allergy and asthma friendly. The breed is a mixture of Labrador, English Cocker Spaniel, and Standard Poodle. Our dogs are direct descendants of the original Australian Labradoodles. The Australian Labradoodles temperament and soundness are the two KEY elements in a good family companion.

About Our Program

From the day they are born, they are loved, nurtured and cared for as part of our family. Sociable, smart and affectionate, the breed is known to be easy to train, intuitive and loyal. We begin ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation, within the first days of life to challenge the puppies. ENS is done to help the brain make more neurological connections while it is in rapid growth. This helps to make them more resilient as adults. We then move on to many of the Puppy Culture protocols related to manding and socializing. Puppies begin potty training at five weeks old and by eight weeks most have mastered using a designated place to potty which makes them much easier to potty train in your home. Raising puppies in a home prepares them for living in a home. We work hard to desensitize them to things that make many dogs fearful. Everything we do is to set the puppy up for success for when they go home. Puppies are hard! The foundation work we do works and makes for more resilient adult dogs. 
Our Team
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