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A guardian home program is where we place our breeding prospects with local families. This gives you the opportunity to have one of our top notch, “Pick of the Litter” puppies as a family pet without paying puppy price.  Guardian's are only responsible for paying non-breeding expenses after placement. Placing our breeding dogs in Guardian Homes allows for us to continue to grow our breeding program, and more importantly ensures that each dog in our program is first and foremost a forever family pet! The Guardian Home puppy or dog is part of the Guardian Home’s Family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by West Haven Australian Labradoodles for a set amount of time. Once they are retired, full ownership will be transferred to the guardian family. The Guardian program benefits everyone involved - the Guardian puppy, the Guardian home, and our small breeding program at West Haven Australian Labradoodles. 

The selection of our future breeding dogs requires our time and due diligence, and only those with qualities that we want to see continue are kept for breeding. Our Guardian homes receive the best we have to offer, in an Australian Labradoodle, when we place a potential future breeding dog with them. During their first year, each of our breeding prospects undergo extensive health and genetic testing (at our expense). By the time one of our puppies reach maturity, our investment into ensuring they are healthy and genetically sound is substantial. Being a Guardian lets you contribute to our growing number of happy families across the United States 


When the Guardian dog is in season, the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days. Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian Family until one week before her due date. At that time, the Guardian dog will come back to stay with us throughout her pregnancy, and will be returned once her pups are fully weaned.

Our simple requirements are likely what you’d be doing for your own puppy if you purchased one outright (training, physical activity, general healthcare). If you feel you would meet the requirements, please contact us ( or fill out an application) to answer all your questions and be considered in our guardian program!


In order to be considered as a Guardian family, you must be willing and able to commit to these requirements and provide for the general, routine care of the dog:


  • Guardian must live within an hour of Breeder unless circumstantial accommodations have been arranged.

  • Guardians are responsible for all transportation to and from us, as well as potentially the vet.


  • Safely confine the dog by use of a fenced in yard (though some exceptions may be made.)

  • All other dogs in the home MUST be fixed if they are the opposite sex.


  • Feed our recommended dog food.

  • Provide appropriate healthcare, grooming, vaccinations, deworming, and flea/tick treatment.

  • Provide daily NuVet supplement


  • Provide dog with obedience training from Baxter and Bella or another approved trainer. Dog must be trained to follow basic commands. Guardian must provide proof of training to us. The time you put in with training will be appreciated by you, your family and by anyone who encounters our dog. 

Length of Stay

  • Guardian understands that female dogs will stay with breeder for up to 8-9 weeks. Female dogs will be delivered to breeder 1 week prior to delivery to settle in before whelping. The female will then stay with breeder until puppies are fully weaned. At that time, female will return to her guardian family. Males will stay with Breeder for up to 1 week at a time.


  • Primary caregiver must have a schedule that allows the dog to NOT be left alone for extended periods on a regular basis.

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