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High School Sweethearts, Daniel and Mariah, Scott and Leanne’s daughter, fell in love early and have created a life together based on goals and dreams set at a young age. They live in Republic, Missouri. Daniel’s day job is a lineman for an electric company, but has a background in Agriculture/Business and Animal Science. Daniel enjoys nothing more than to work on the farm and be outdoors.  Mariah is a nurse and a natural care taker. Together they love to travel and create lasting memories touring the world. Daniel and Mariah have loved adding Maggie to their family and bring her along wherever they go. Adaptable to all environments, Maggie is very happy in her suburban life. Daniel and Mariah want you to know this is the breed for you.  Smart, playful, but calm in nature, and non-shedding Australian Labradoodles will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Daniel and Mariah 
Scott and Leanne West

More About Us>

Scott and Leanne live on a small farm on Lake Taneycomo just outside of Branson, MO.  We raise beef cows as well as Australian Labradoodles. Scott works as a line-foreman for an electric company and Leanne is a school counselor. We fell in love with the Australian Labradoodle breed when we were introduced to Moose, our daughter-in-love, Sadie’s, chocolate Australian Labradoodle.  We were taken by his gentle, intuitive nature and his non shedding coat.  Falling in love with him was easy, and when we thought about adding a dog to our family, we knew immediately what breed we would bring home.  As a school counselor, Leanne was drawn to the breed’s propensity to work as therapy dogs, and Scott was drawn to their gentle spirit and loyal nature. So we started our journey to share the joy of the breed with other families.  Our breeding females live in our home, love to run in the pastures and enjoy playing together.  There is plenty of fresh air and green pastures on the farm to calm the soul, but add in a beautiful, faithful dog, and life is just about perfect.